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    Rugby: Brownsover Central Area

    In December 2005, CRP was commissioned by Rugby Borough Council to consider the issues that were affecting the local community in Brownsover and to suggest how the Central Shopping area could be improved to bring about a positive social benefit to the whole of the Brownsover area.

    Brownsover South is one of Warwickshire’s most deprived neighbourhoods, and amongst the most deprived 20% nationally.  CRPconducted a review of existing land uses, and carried out a consultation with the local community, local businesses, other stakeholders and members of the public.  CRP provided a development brief including design and planning proposals as well as a delivery plan.

    The Council had identified the following objectives:

    · To reduce crime, fear of crime, anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

    · To identify partnership working to facilitate change.

    · To achieve a more attractive environment.

    · To provide facilities to engage young people without having a detrimental effect on other residents.

    · To provide a range of supporting facilities for local people’s other priorities (social, spiritual and health).

    · To achieve uplift in the economic viability of the commercial uses based around the centre, and provide a thriving local shopping area serving the local community’s needs.

    In August 2006 CRP delivered a Masterplan for the site which would address all of the objectives identified by the Council.  The report submitted included extensive consultation with affected parties, including a substantial residents’ survey. 

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