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    Birmingham City Council Enterprising Communities Regeneration Team (ECAP)

    In 2008 CRP was commissioned by the Enterprising Communities Regeneration Team of Birmingham City Council to carry out an evaluation of the Enterprising Communities Action Plan.  The evaluation covered two main areas:

    • Systems, structures and partner participation – allowing the opportunity to reflect, learn, update and develop future delivery and structures of the action plan;

    • The overall impact of the Action Plan – assessing whether the contracted ERDF and ESF targets and the aims and objectives of the Action Plan have been met.

    The first phase ended in December 2008. It was seen as a significant mechanism to achieve a self sustaining community based on increasing economic activity and wealth creation.

    The report commented on key evaluation findings and identified a number of areas for improving the overall governance of the programme, as well as in respect to future delivery beyond 2008.

    In 2009 CRP aim to produce an updated delivery plan for the programme.

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