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    Training for Housing Corporation Investment Staff on behalf of the British Urban Regeneration Association (BURA)

    In 2008 CRP were commissioned by the British Urban Regeneration Association to develop and deliver a regeneration training programme aimed at Investment staff from across the Housing Corporation.  The programme was delivered at a number of locations in 2008 and 2009.

    The Housing Corporation was preparing for its transition into the new Homes and Communities Agency (HACA) which was due to take place in April 2009 (subsequently brought forward to December 2008).  The Investment roles of the Housing Corporation, English Partnerships and the housing and regeneration delivery functions from Communities and Local Government were to be merged into the new Agency. 

    The Housing Corporation recognised that as they moved towards transition to the new Agency the expectation on investment staff to understand the principles and application of successful area based regeneration would increase.  The Housing Corporation were looking to build skills and knowledge that reflected the diversity of the Regeneration agenda linking physical, community and economic regeneration.

    On behalf of BURA CRP developed a bespoke training programme which gave an overall view of the key aspects of regeneration.  The aim of the programme was to enable delegates to understand the principles and application of successful area based regeneration.  The skills and knowledge developed from the training enabled Housing Corporation staff to recognise the diversity of the regeneration agenda and to make links with the social, economic and environmental aspects required to create sustainable communities.

    The programme included an integral Study Visit to a ‘best practice’ site to show how the theory of successful regeneration could be delivered on the ground.

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