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    NHS National Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Screening Programme Equality Scheme

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    In June 2008 CRP, led by Donald McIntosh, were appointed as part of the team to assist the NHS Screening Programme develop its first Single Equality Scheme (SES).  The primary purpose of the commission was to develop a single equality scheme and advise the NSC&TP on arrangements that will enable it to fulfil its statutory duties.  Supporting this, the commission aimed to:

    1. Identify priority areas for promoting equality and eliminating discrimination in screening services and policy development, building on current good practice and identifying areas for development;
    2. Develop a process for equality impact assessment and equality monitoring that can be extended across all functions and policy areas of the Programme and NSC where relevant; and
    3. Define how the national programme policies engage with local implementation of a single equality scheme.

    CRP and the team have completed the first phase which required extensive stakeholder consultation, including clinicians, health scientist, user representatives and the voluntary sector.  A report detailing the findings will be presented to the Steering Group chaired by the Archbishop of York in June 2009.  The second phase will involve a further stakeholder consultation to determine the priorities for the SES.

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