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    Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust – Option Appraisals for Relocation and Community Well Being Campus

    In May 2008, CRP’s Donald McIntosh was commissioned to explore the possible relocation of the PCT’s offices and a medical centre to a site in Newtown, Birmingham, and an ambitious Community Well Being Campus. 
    Considering the Newtown site, CRP generated options for the PCT and identified a preferred option for the client, considering the long-term sustainability of all proposals, assessing the outline budget costs for the development and producing a funding strategy for the development.
    CRP went on to consult with the PCT and its partners about the possibility of creating a multi-purpose health & community development. CRP identified key stakeholders and involved them in its consultations, mapping the local community and faith groups with an interest in the project. CRP identified possible developments that could incorporate a Community Well Being Campus, which would include a new medical centre, PCT offices, and a Training Academy. CRP’s work on these proposals expanded on work already undertaken by Prime plc.
    All of CRP’s proposals were created with reference to the relevant documents and agendas that shaped the context of the project. The resulting Option Appraisal considered five options and recommended the most viable of these, offering a Delivery Plan to help ensure that the initiative could be implemented successfully.
    CRP was the natural choice to make these appraisals thanks to its extensive links and experience working in the health arena. CRP’s Directors have up to fifteen years of experience of linking healthcare initiatives to regeneration and social exclusion, and achieved particular success in this area in their renewal of Castle Vale in Birmingham between 1993 and 2005.

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