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    Whitley Village Development, Coventry, on behalf of Midland Heart

    In March 2008 CRP was appointed to help Midland Heart investigate options for a Neighbourhood Charter for its scheme in Whitley Village in Coventry. Neighbourhood Charters can empower local communities to help shape local services to their needs, and build their confidence in service providers (such as social housing landlords and Local Authorities) by setting out the standards and priorities that people expect of them. In addition, they can provide obligations which the community itself can take on.
    Where Neighbourhood Charters have been taken on, there has often been an improvement in the area’s environmental standards, people’s perception of community safety, and satisfaction with the area as a place to live. The performance, efficiency and satisfaction of services can improve as a result, building understanding and trust locally, as well as helping to build the community’s capacity to help itself, and helping to clarify the roles of partners and avoid conflicts or duplications of roles between them.
    No definitive models for Neighbourhood Charters exist, so CRP was able to bring its insight to bear to meet the local needs of Whitley Village and its stakeholders. CRP was able to draw upon current Government policy on Neighbourhood Charters, as well as examples and key features of existing charters. The result was a template of what a Neighbourhood Charter could look like for Whitley Village.

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