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    Bristol New Deal for Communities Communication Strategy for the Future

    In 2007 Angus Kennedy, as a Neighbourhood Renewal Adviser, was asked to advise the Bristol New Deal for Communities organisation, Community at Heart, with regard to its communications with the local community, its partner agencies and organisations as well as into the wider national picture on neighbourhood renewal and regeneration.  The NDC was in the 7th year of its 10 year programme and wanted to look at its communications in light of the future beyond the NDC programme.

    Angus was asked to provide the following:

    • Clear written guidance focusing on the range of communication strands within the NDC, identifying any apparent gaps and outlining how these should be rectified.
    • Written guidance on the adequacy of existing communication strands employed and advice on methods for improving them further so they would be fit for purpose for the future.
    • Guidance on a communication strategy which included targets, resource implications, objectives and outcomes which could be implemented over a three year period commencing in January 2007.

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