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    Since 2006 CRP have been working with Trinity Architects to develop Community Base (or C~Base).  This is a new approach to neighbourhood renewal that offers a 21st century solution to the age old question of how to deal with neighbourhoods in decline.

    C~Base can be used to deliver exceptional results in any urban area.  Communities can shape the future of their neighbourhood in real time using the real-time computer modelling system, and see the relative costs and benefits of their decisions immediately on screen.  And the expertise of the C~Base team can ensure that these decisions are followed through more quickly and affordably than has traditionally been possible – ensuring sustainable communities that will continue to improve long after the completion of the regeneration project.

    The C~Base process can be used to
    • ensure development and improvement plans are appropriate, acceptable and deliverable within a clearly defined timetable.
    • Ensure that the financial resources available are clear and that all stakeholders provide commitment, giving the confidence to improve the area.
    • Create a holistic package of activity with links to the regional and local economy and to key services.
    • Enable selective clearance and refurbishment of homes owned by the local authority or registered social landlords.

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