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    UK Honours System: Meeting at 10 Downing Street

    In April 2013 Angus Kennedy attended a meeting at No. 10 Downing Street to discuss ways of continuing to broaden the reach of the UK honours system, in particular by encouraging a greater number and diversity of nominations from the voluntary and charity sector.

    The event was in two parts:
    1. An introduction to the honours system and the issues it faces, including contributions from:

    o Sir Bob Kerslake, Head of the Civil Service and chair of the Main Honours Committee.
    o Dame Clare Tickell, Chief Executive of Action for Children and chair of the Community, Voluntary and Local Services (CVLS) Honours Committee.
    o Pamela Stewart, who received a MBE in the Birthday 2012 honours list for her service to the community in Wigan.
    o Alex McMurtrie, Head of Operations in the Honours and Appointments Secretariat, which oversees the operation of the honours system including processing public nominations and managing the independent committee process.
    o Hayley Harris, the Honours Secretary at the Department for Communities and Local Government, one of the key departments in generating nominations for the CVLS Honours Committee.
    2. A discussion about ways to encourage a greater number and diversity of nominations from the voluntary and charitable sectors.

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