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    Welfare Reform and Seaside Towns

    In September 2012 Angus Kennedy contributed to a seminar at CLG (Communities and Local Government) in London on the impact of Welfare Reform on seaside towns.  Leader of Hastings Borough Council Cllr. Jeremy Birch chaired the meeting.  There is growing concern that the proposed changes to the benefits and welfare system will have serious adverse impacts on seaside towns.  Many authorities are trying to understand the implications on their existing residents, but there are signs that these changes will place additional pressures primarily due to the ‘migration’ or placement of vulnerable people from cities and urban areas to more affordable accommodation offered in many seaside towns.

    The meeting was the start of a dialogue to gauge the scale of the problem and agree what needs to be done to prevent or manage these impacts.  Questions that need to be raised incude: what new pressures and demands will these changes place on seaside towns, and how will this affect the private rented sector?  What will be the impact on the current plans and investment to regenerate deprived seaside economies?

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