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    Sustainable Communities and Regeneration Masterclass 2006

    In 2006 CRP’s Angus Kennedy was invited by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and the British Urban Regeneration Association (BURA) to develop and deliver an innovative programme, the Sustainable Communities and Regeneration Masterclass. 

    Since 2006 Angus Kennedy has organised and run the annual Masterclass on behalf of the CIH, BURA and the Academy for Sustainable Communities (ASC).

    The first Masterclass was held in 2006.  The three-module programme brought together professionals from a wide variety of professions to listen to and debate with eminent speakers on all aspects of regeneration.  The format of the Masterclass, with three separate 24-hour residential modules delivered in March, April and May, proved to be particularly conducive to meaningful debates and in-depth consideration of the key questions.

    The theme of the first module was ‘Creating Sustainable Communities:  Understanding the Big Picture’.  Speakers included Peter Housden, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, and Professor Alan Murie, Professor of Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham.

    The theme of the second module was ‘The Built Environment:  Making Better Use of Resources and Expertise’.  Speakers included John Thompson, Chair, RIBA Urbanism and Planning Group; John Rouse, Chief Executive, Housing Corporation, and Hank Dittmar, Chief Executive, the Prince’s Foundation.

    The theme of the third module was: ‘Developing Successful Partnerships:  DIscovering the Ingredients of Success’.  Speakers included Professor Peter Roberts, Chair, Academy for Sustainable Communities; Paul Spooner, Director, North West and Midlands English Partnerships; Tom Manion, Chief Executive, Irwell Valley Housing Association and Charmaine Young, Regeneration Director, St George Property Developers.

    The delegates who attended came from a wide variety of professions and organisations.  Feedback for each session, for each module and for the Masterclass as a whole was extremely positive.  The success of this, the first such programme offered, ensured that the Masterclass would become an annual event.

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