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    CRP Awarded Contract for Enforcement Programme in Hastings St. Leonards

    In March 2012 CRP were awarded another key contract in Hastings to carry out the enforcement work for the Central St. Leonards regeneration area.  In order to carry out the work, CRP appointed another Associate, Adrian Chowns, with primary responsibility for leading on the enforcement programme.

    Adrian has wide ranging experience in the field of private sector housing and urban renewal.  Adrian’s particular skills include the development and completion of detailed Neighbourhood Renewal Assessments and the implementation of regeneration/renewal projects including the use of Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs).

    Adrian has been responsible for the delivery of a large number of Neighbourhood Renewal Areas (NRAs) and CPOs both in and outside of established housing market renewal areas across the country and has secured and delivered one of the country’s largest empty property partnership initiatives in the South East of England.

    Adrian has skills in the enforcement of housing conditions using the HHSRS and other housing legislation.

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