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    Community Regeneration Partnership (CRP) is a consultancy that has brought together a team of highly experienced and award winning regeneration specialists. CRP is led by Angus Kennedy, the former Chief Executive of Castle Vale Housing Action Trust (CVHAT) in Birmingham. CVHAT was identified as one of the top six British Regeneration agencies in polls in 2002 and 2004. The HAT oversaw the preparation and implementation of a 12 year £320m community led, holistic regeneration programme that transformed the physical landscape and life chances of the community in the formerly deprived and stigmatised neighbourhood. The HAT closed in March 2005 and its senior staff joined CRP, a company that had been set up in 2002 to share the HAT’s experience with other areas.

    The CRP team has considerable experience of the core regeneration skills which can be demonstrated by the following:

    • Development and delivery of an ambitious development programme which included the demolition of 32 multi storey residential blocks, and replacement with over 1600 new homes for rent and sale together with a new retail park, community leisure and educational facilities.
    • Delivery of a mixed use development of a local neighbourhood centre including offices, homes for sale and a new police sector base.
    • Production of Masterplan and Neighbourhood plans.
    • Development of community consultation frameworks which enabled local residents to develop their skills and knowledge and become equal partners in the regeneration process.
    • Development of a series of Succession organisations.

    CRP have been employed on a diverse range of projects which include the following:

    • Delivery of  National Seminar and training programmes during 2007 and 2008 on behalf of BURA / Housing Corporation and IDeA regarding Regeneration and Housing strategy that have had a significant focus on understanding housing markets, the importance of design and Masterplanning.
    • Development and delivery of the annual Sustainable Communities and Regeneration Masterclass programme for CIH/BURA and the ASC since 2006 which has featured contributions from top quality speakers such as Peter Housden, Permanent secretary, CLG, Jon Rouse, Chief Executive of London Borough of Croydon, Tom Manion, Chief Executive of Irwell Valley Housing Association, Peter Roberts, Chair of the Academy for Sustainable Communities and Paul Spooner, Regional Director of the Homes and Communities Agency
    • A 5 year programme relating to the delivery and management of community engagement and employment services programme for Kings Norton New Deal for Communities (Birmingham).
    • Working with Registered Social landlords (RSLs) to generate option appraisals for multi storey residential blocks in Walsall and Wolverhampton.
    • Working with a private sector house builder to gain Approved Investment
      Partner Status with the Housing Corporation.
    • Working with a Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder and Beth Johnson HA to generate options for an area of low demand housing.
    • Interim development management for leading West Midlands RSLs
    • Interim management for a housing market renewal pathfinder in respect to housing strategy.
    • Development Brief and Delivery Plan for a neighbourhood shopping area in Rugby
    • Specialist Private Sector Housing Advice in support of Masterplanning in Derby

    CRP offers experience of delivery at the sharp end of neighbourhood renewal and has a track record which has been developed over a number of years, but in particular at Castle Vale where achievements included:

    • Commissioned over 1,600 new homes for rent and sale.
    • Created a new retail park worth £50 million including a Sainsbury’s supermarket employing 130 Castle Vale residents.
    • Comprehensive infrastructure and environmental improvements including parks and public open spaces.
    • Worked in partnership with health and social care agencies to provide a new 21st Century Health Centre along with a children’s home.
    • Developed £26 million local neighbourhood centre including a new Police Station, secondary shopping centre, new library, community college and a community resource centre.
    • Facilitated a multi- agency building housing a range of fifteen voluntary/community organisations providing health and social care services.

    CRP’s other area of expertise include resident consultation and empowerment, conducting and designing baseline studies into key indices of deprivation such as health, educational attainment and employment.

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CRP are the experts in community-led urban regeneration.

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